Tuesday, February 23, 2010

sneak peek: darling clementine

I want my home looks like this .... so cool ...

Todays Horoscope

It's hard for you to settle down when you are pulled all over the place today. Luckily, your ability to analyze what's going on continues to keep you ahead of the game. You are highly stressed now, but you are collecting data from your varied experiences as fast as you can. You will reach a turning point sometime later in the day when you begin to withdraw your energy. Don't rush the process; your patient contemplation will lead to a new plan.

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Saturday, February 20, 2010

Thread Catcher Tutorial by "mellebugandme"

Yes, I should make this one ... clever idea. Thanks for the tutorial.

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Papa Birthday

Look at the picture above, handsome isn't he ? He is my father. Today is my father birthday .. if he is still in this earth ... he is 63 year old now, I miss you Papa, love you always

the 6th Kinder Joy

The 6th Kinder Joy is a basketball player, now the football player has a friend .. :)

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Todays Horoscope

The true meaning of serving others may be on your mind now. Perhaps you dream about cashing in on your current life to go help earthquake victims. Or maybe you compare yourself to someone like Mother Teresa, only to realize how far you fall short of your ideal. Fortunately, this process can be very healthy if you don't take it too far. In the meantime, find something you can to do improve someone's life in a small way and then do it today.

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Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Shana Doll

Just ordered this little cute doll from Etsy .. let's check out the blog ... so adorable .. !!

Todays Horoscope

A big-hearted angel could enter your life now, bringing love, a business opportunity or a chance to travel. Receiving a generous gift is another possible manifestation of the wonderful Venus-Jupiter conjunction falling in your 7th House of Partners. Either way you're likely to be pleasantly surprised, assuming that you are able to accept what is being offered to you at this time.

woww ... I hope today is my lucky day

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a light house and Maritime museum

A Light House

A Maritime Museum

Places I have been today ... fuih .. what a hot day

Monday, February 15, 2010


Now Mameshiba is on my Firefox theme, thanks to Firefox .... (^.^)

The Light Box and Pucca

I always take picture of my craft projects, sometimes I have difficulties finding the right source of light. My friend suggested me to have a lightbox. So I asked one of my friend to make one .. and taadaaa ...

and Pucca was the first model ... haha.

Todays Horoscope

Someone may be acting overly sweet today and you might not know what to do about it. Perhaps you're not clear about what you want in general. Or, maybe, the other person's intentions are questionable. Either way, your best strategy is to carefully explore all avenues before deciding your course of action. Luckily, your reasoning is sound now, even if the options are confusing at first. Once you've done your research, make your choice and stick to it.

I am in a dilemma

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Sunday, February 14, 2010

Todays Horoscope

The current emphasis on your 7th House of Relationships could turn this Valentine's Day into a memorable one, but it might play out very differently than you originally expected. Letting go of your personal agenda may not be the easiest thing for you to do, but it can be the most sensible way to patch up a misunderstanding and move on.

yeaahh ... I was trying to be subtle.

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the 5th Kinder Joy

the 5th Kinder Joy

Happy Valentine's Day ... !! ;-P

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Color Quiz

My color si purple

Spontaneity is the key to your existence. Quick-witted with a flair for originality, you enjoy situations that allow you to explore your creativity. Comparatively conservative, you appreciate beautiful surroundings, especially if they’re found in nature. Your relaxed and self-assured personality allows you to work well with others. Surprisingly enough, your unique and unusual tastes don’t prevent you from being comfortable among your more conservative peers.

What is your color ?

the 4th Kinder Joy

the 4th Kinder Joy

Dana Made It

I love this blog, it has so many great tutorial ... please check this out .. (^.^)

Todays Horoscope

You feel as if you need to be everywhere today, for no matter where you turn, the same messages are coming through. Nevertheless, there is enough variety in your current experiences to dazzle you and keep you thoroughly distracted from what you really should be doing. Luckily, you are able to put yourself back on track by consciously exerting just enough self-control.

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Friday, February 12, 2010

Cool Stationary

Check this out .... cool ...!!

Todays Horoscope

2Logical Mercury is your ruling planet and its connection today with taskmaster Saturn indicates how hard you must work now in order to be noticed by those who matter. However, you could get trapped by your own eagerness to perform. Keep in mind that too many flourishes can get in the way of your true message. Don't try to make it sound pretty; just speak from your heart.

yes ..

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Thursday, February 11, 2010

Replicate a plush toy

After reading this tutorial ... hhhmm ....checking out my favorite plush toys. Thank you for sharing .... (^.^)

Todays Horoscope

It's challenging to separate your rational ideas from your feelings today as the sensitive Moon joins your key planet, Mercury. Your words carry an emotional charge that arises from your subconscious mind and you might not even realize their impact. But paying close attention to what you say can help. If you find yourself remembering previous similar experiences and retelling stories from your past, simply bring your focus back to what's happening in the present moment.

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My Stamp

My stamp .. I love it .. \(^.^)/

Dhiemaz the Lazy Cat

Very very Lazy Cat

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Today's Horoscope

Your key planet Mercury becomes a bit too quirky for your taste as it enters radical Aquarius. You may be tempted to say something you don't really mean or somehow make your work life more complicated than it needs to be now. Stop worrying about how you appear to others. Focus your efforts on doing the best job possible instead.

yes I will ..!!

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Tuesday, February 9, 2010

addicted to stamp

A design of my own stamp with me and my name in Hiragana ... narcist (??)

Monday, February 8, 2010

My Name is here

My name is here and there ... \(^.^)/ , let's take a look for you own name ...

Todays Horoscope

Your current approach to work is not based solely on being efficient or getting the job done. Instead, you are also likely to consider what brings you joy. Although you are often content to narrow your focus and complete the tasks at hand, you may actually be more effective now if you are having fun. Paradoxically, taking yourself too seriously today can actually be counterproductive.

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Sunday, February 7, 2010

Yoga Mat Tote Bag

One of my friend need a Tote Bag for her Yoga Mat, and she asked me to make one ... she loves red, I love Japan, we both love Yoga .. and taadaaa .... \(^.^)/

Todays Horoscope

Your friends and co-workers may think that you are being rather eccentric today if you don't conform to the basic social rules. Meanwhile, you are just trying to be true to yourself, even if you accidentally step over the edge. Unfortunately, you might not have the right words at your disposal to say what's on your mind, so let your actions speak for you until your thoughts become clearer.

sigh ....

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Moshi moshi

I found the little cute blackboard and the lazy cat in Daisho.

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Todays Horoscope

You may have big ideas about what you want to do at home today, but could become confused as you desperately try to accomplish your goals. Your dilemma becomes more apparent as you think about your ideal situation and then attempt to manifest it right away. But your impatience is unnecessary; you have more time than you realize.

really .. ?

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Found this website from Lia ... , thank you for sharing Lia ... (^.^)


In this blog, it says :

Jiyugaoka is where you would go to see a load of predominately young females shopping for apparel or eating at one of the snazzy cafes. There are also a load of zakka stores too. Zakka is the word used to describe ornaments, kitchen ware, accessories and general bits n bobs.

bikes, zakka .... so wanna go there ... !!

Japanese Blog

so in love with this blog ....

The 3rd Kinder Joy

The 3rd Kinder Joy ... !!

Look A La Mode Chocolate

Look A La Mode Chocolate ... addicted !!


These are the handkerchiefs I made last night ...I think I am going to post a very simple tutorial later.

Friday, February 5, 2010

Snoopy Color Pencils

My friend gave it to me ... a super cute Snoopy's vintage color pencils

Todays Horoscope

As much as you try to take yourself very seriously now, you are in the process of loosening your thoughts from anything that ties them down. This transition won't happen all at once, but rather with fits and starts, until you build up the necessary momentum to break away from the comforts of a strong safety net.

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Thursday, February 4, 2010

The Handkerchief

Originally uploaded by sehari-hari pim ...

Heeeyyy .... There is a bird on my handkerchief!! This one is for the handkerchief project .. :-)

New DVD's

Todays Horoscope

Your friends are not the greatest positive influence on your life now, because they may encourage you to expand your horizons and open your heart to deep mystical truths. This would be a great idea, except you have very basic responsibilities that you must handle today. Don't let anyone pull you off course; just keep returning to the obligations that are right there on your plate.

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The Packages are here

Yay .... love it .. thank you Violet ... happy !!

My own stamp

Hey ... this my first DIY stamp, using an eraser ... I follow this tutorial .. love the result ..... later .. I will make more and more stamps .... \(^.^)/.

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Todays Horoscope

You may be feeling a bit anxious today, even if everything seems to be going along well. Your worry stems from the uncertainty you have when you are drawn into emotional issues that pull you away from your more comfortable logical view of life. But this isn't a smart time to remain cool and detached. Jump in and get your hands dirty from messy and unmanageable passions without worrying about cleaning up until later.

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Nodame Cantabile

stay awake until 2am .. watching Nodame Cantabile ... haha ..

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

How to make a stamp

This is a very good and simple DIY ,I found it from Etsy .. it is great ! I want to make my own stamp. ... Thank you for the Tutorial ..

I have a lot to do tonight .. I hope I won't stay up all night, wasting my time watching Japanese TV series .. haha !!

Monday, February 1, 2010


I think I am going to start my first Purikura today .. haha .. thanks to him

lovely buttons

I love these buttons .. please check these out ...

New from My Studio

These are new from my lovely studio .. :-)
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