Wednesday, April 21, 2010

@INACRAFT 2010, 21-25 April 2010

I think I am gonna buy all of these ... haha

How about put a candle in here ?

I want these furniture in my house

I am in love with you .. !! I wanna take you home .. but so expensive... (-.-)

How about redecorating my house ... ??

Hhhmm ... don't know which one to choose

Ok ... I will see you in Bali

(This is me, the girl with a red handbag, at Inacraft 2010 .... aaarrrgghhh so many wonderful things to look at ...!!)


Lisa and Alex said...

This place look wonderful. Love the fabric and furniture.

Mi (なおみ) said...

yes, you are so ... right. I really want them all ... haha.

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