Thursday, November 11, 2010

How to Sharpen Your Scissors

Gunting-gunting saya sudah pada tumpul ... pernah beli pengasah gunting ... tapi saya salah arah mengasahnya, walah malah kacau balau. Menemukan tips ini, kaya'nya tak ada salahnya dicoba, daripada salah arah lagi .. hehe ...

Cut a Piece of Aluminum Foil
Instead of making do with dull craft scissors or pinking shears, try this handy sharpening trick.With the scissors or shears, cut through a sheet of aluminum foil that has been folded over for double thickness; they should regain some of their sharpness and last a while longer before you have to replace them.
Sandpaper Works Too
Fold extra-fine-grain sandpaper, with the grain facing out on both sides. Then make several clean cuts until you feel the blades have reached the desired sharpness. Wipe blades with a dry cloth before using.

Read more at Sharpen Your Scissors - Martha Stewart Home and Garden


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