Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Done .. done .. done .... Fuiiih ...

275 pcs Batik-Denim Laptop Sleeves for RUPS Astra Otoparts tbk's gift ... done ! Alhamdulillah .... Delivery today ....Fuih .... Bismillah

Special thanks to : my beloved Mama for helping me and worrying me so much .. love you Mama.

Thanks to :
1. Heny for being my very best partner and giving me this project.... let's rock more sister !!
2. Mbak Ani for yummy breakfast everymorning, for relaxing hot green tea every late night... Please stay with me always.
3. Tuti for being my 4 months assistant
4. My accupuncturist .. you make me stronger.

ok .. Next ! \(^.^)/

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